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Artisanal Handcrafted Wallpaper


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rolls of beautiful wallpaper, with a shimmering gold design, with a dark blue shadow print.
Rolls of wallpaper with a magnolia and apple blossom design. The background of the paper is a stiffkey blue colour and the design is in gold, with subtle pinks



Suzie Darcel creates luxurious hand crafted wallpapers from her studio in Emsworth. Working from her original drawings she specialises in screen printing, creating limited editions of her papers. Suzie draws inspiration from all around; the landscape, the garden, historical artefacts and our rich heritage of pattern design and she has a particular love of the arts and crafts movement.


With a background in Fine Art, she gained a masters degree from Winchester School of Art specialising in sculpture and printmaking. Suzie loves the challenge of creating large scale screen prints, exploring the technicalities of layering colours, meticulously registering layers across lengths, and how different inks and substrates work with the light. Her process combines digital techniques with traditional craftsmanship. 


The wallpapers are produced as sustainably as possible and are printed to order, therefore bespoke colour ways can be created for your unique interior projects.


Suzie’s ambition is to bring beauty and a sense of timeless peace to your interiors, one wall at a time.



Please get in touch with any queries about our hand printed wallpapers, I'm happy to advise you on our products.

Prices start from £22 per metre depending on the number of layers that are printed in each design. Bespoke colour combinations will incur an extra charge.



Thank you for visiting!

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